www.visitscotland.co.uk :          Scottish tourist board web site

www.northlinkferries.co.uk :     Main ferry operator Aberdeen-Shetland

www.loganair.co.uk :                 Air operator from Aberdeen,Glasgow and Edinburgh to Shetland

www.northmavine.com  :           Website for the north mainland of Shetland

www.shetlandgeology.com :      Geology tours around Shetland

www.underwatershetland.com : Boat trips including around Bressay and Noss

www.shetland-museum.org.uk : Recently expanded  local museum with a maritime focus.

www.shetlandtimes.co.uk :        Website of the Shetland Times

www.shetland.org :                     Local tourist office website

Transport, Local Information and Facilities :

www.mousa.co.uk :                    Trips from Sandwick to Mousa to see rare pictish broch.

www.nature-shetland.co.uk:       Holidays with a focus on wildlife in Shetland.

www.hombru.co.uk :            A well known  Shetland folk band - music can be heard on our video clips.

www.starrentacar.co.uk  :           Car hire company.

www.tangwickhaa.org.uk:          Local museum based in Eshaness illustrating  Northmavine’s history.

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