Midfield croft dates back to the 19th century and is still a working croft today. The croft has cattle, sheep and sheepdogs and a range of buildings just to the west of the croft house. The croft overlooks  Gluss Voe to the north as shown in the banner image at the top of these pages. There are nearby walks which highlight the variety of geology and wildlife in the north mainland of Shetland.

Midfield croft is a modernised croft house which sleeps five people with bedrooms on the first floor and living accommodation on the ground floor. Details are provided on the Midfield Croft page.

For young children  a babies cot, a high chair and push chair are also available.

Midfield Croft


Askalong is a modern chalet which is situated nearby the croft house and also sleeps five people but with all accommodation on the one level. It also has one bedroom with ensuite facilities. The chalet is three star Scottish Tourist Board rated and details are provided on the Askalong page.

Books, maps and local guides for the area are provided in each property and Bruce and Jean would be happy to provide any specific local information which is not covered.


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